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Adziner - WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin - 360-Studios

Adziner - WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin

 Adziner - WordPress Advertising Manager Plugin

Adziner – WordPress Ad Manager

Adziner was created to be easy and beautiful. Adziner is similar to standard WordPress posts and pages edit design. While using our program you don’t have to learn new interface, but we added a lot of features for better user experience.Features:
  • Adzones
  • Banners
  • AdBlock Detector
  • Marketplace – sell your ads via PayPal and earn money on your website
  • Rotating bannes in adzones
    • by time
    • by website refresh
  • Schedule banners. Show it for specific dates and hours
  • Simple UI
  • Google AdSense
  • HTML Ads
  • Images: PNG, JPG, GIF, and External Media (example: Flash SWF)
  • External banners URLs
  • Statistics
    • Last 24h
    • Last 1 month
    • Since plugin install
  • Clicks statistics
  • Manage Adzones by Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Your custom banners URLs. Remove info about Adziner in redirect

Check Admin Panel

Short FAQQ: Can I take a look at admin page?
A: Yes. Click here.

Q: Does it support template tags like echo shortcode?
A: Yes. [adziner id=’YOUR_ADZONE_ID’]

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Look at magazine website demo

Changelog-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.6 - January 20th, 2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ added: adblock detector with modal - popup and custom text- added: adsense and html ads- added: flash (swf) thumbnail preview in table- changed: banner form layout-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.5.3 - January 15th, 2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ fixed: marketplace preview height-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.5.2 - January 13th, 2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ fixed: adzone interval - banner rotating time-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.5.1 - January 11th, 2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ added: fixed counter from views and clicks from marketplace-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.5 - January 10th, 2016------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ added: marketplace. sell banners- added: paypal paymants-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.2 - December 24th, 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ added: schedule date. if banner date expired, than don't show it- added: schedule date. if banner date is set in future, than don't show it- refactor: banner views-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1.5 - December 23th, 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ banner and adzone notification (succes or error) after save new item-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Version 1.1 - December 23th, 2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ confirm delete modal for banners and adzones

Images credits:

Mockup vector designed by Graphictwister – Freepik.com
Man vector designed by Freepik

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