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Frontend User Pro - 360-Studios

Frontend User Pro

 Frontend User Pro


Frontend User Pro – An easy to use, feature rich, Drag and Drop Wordpress Frontend Profile Manager + Form Builder that will enable you to create beautiful forms, login, register pages in minutes.

Frontend User Pro is complete Frontend User Management Plugin, which comes with tons of features and 16 inbuilt beautiful design. Frontend Login Registration form

Create fully customizable login or registration form anywhere you want, choose which fields appear during registration, from text field to numbers, google maps to conditional logic and file uploads, easily organize and re-order your fields, help tooltips, custom error messages, required, and many more. You can even manage the number of columns you want your form to display.

Check the list of some powerful features.

  • Completely Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Create Unlimited Login/Registration Forms. Yes!, you can create as many login/registration forms as you want.
  • Each and every login/registration form comes with its own set of settings.
  • Custom Role editor include. Create different roles for each and every registration form.
  • Ability to approve or un-approve user.
  • After successful registration send custom emails to users.
  • Redirect User to custom URL, Custom Page or Same Page.
  • Ajax Powered Form.
  • Custom JS Support.
  • Custom CSS Support.
  • 16 Inbuilt Designs included.
  • Call your custom hook before submitting login or registration form.
  • Hidden field support.
  • Email Verification Support.
  • Send Custom verification email (fully customizable even you can customize from address and from name field of email).
  • Show custom error message for every field used.
  • Support Conditional Logic show or hide fields on basis of user input.
  • Profile Picture Support ( Avatar Support)
  • Form Preview Option.
  • Fully customizable Email Notification.
  • Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins.
  • An easy-to-use API, hooks and filters everywhere to help you integrate with any system and modify it to your needs!

Guest Post Support

Let your author submit post from frontend using Frontend User Pro!
  • Support Guest Posting
  • Assign custom category or let your user choose or create category.
  • Support Custom Post Type
  • Support Custom Taxonomies.
  • Support Featured Image.
  • Support file upload, image upload.
  • Support Rich Text Area, Teeny Text Area
  • Allow user to upload image in text area.
  • Ability to provide custom CSS class to each and every field.
  • Inbuilt anti spam.
  • Provide Save as draft button in frontend to your users.
  • Auto-Register Guest Author to your site.
  • Let user update or delete there post.
  • Ability to set post status before and after update.
  • Get Notified every time user create or update post.
  • Notify User whenever he submit a post.
  • 16 Inbuilt Designs included.

Membership Area
  • Create Member’s only site in minutes.
  • Content Restriction ( show content on the basis of logged in or logged out user and even on basis of User role )
  • Create Different User Role in seconds.
  • Create unlimited members area.
  • Conditional Menu ( Show menu on the basis of user role, logged in or logged out user )
  • Ability to approve or un-approve user.
  • Custom Profile Image support.
  • Supports bb press.
  • Support Wish List features for members. Members can either add product or even article to there wish list.
  • Rename Wish List feature to whatever you want. ( For example rename Wish List to Read List if you want your user to create list of good article’s on your site and share it with others)
  • Support Google Map.


Some More Powerful features.
  • Tons of form elements.
  • Compatible with all properly coded WP themes and plugins!
  • Fully responsive and looks perfect on any screen size
  • 16 ready-to-use skins already included.
  • Unlimited CSS Support – Easily create and apply custom CSS and styles to the plugin.
  • Unlimited Google Fonts Support.
  • Fully responsive forms.
  • Conditional logic to show and hide fields.
  • On form submission email Auto-responder.
  • Form preview.
  • Ajax powered forms.
  • Form validation.
  • Built-in Anti-spam.
  • Custom JS Support.
  • Custom CSS Support.
  • Add custom backgrounds to fields and form elements.
  • Tons of settings relative to form fields.
  • Form Import/Export.
  • Unlimited forms.
  • Hidden Fields.
  • Classic Form Fields.
  • Redirect on submission of login or registration form.
  • Embed forms in posts, pages, widgets and theme template pages.
  • NO Programing skills required to create forms.
  • Easy to use admin panel.
  • Custom Redirection after login / registration.
  • Create multiple registration forms.
  • Create multiple login forms.
  • Give each registration form an automatic assigned user role (subscriber, customer, manager, etc. or you can even create new).
  • Control which fields are required for registering, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and more!.
  • Enforce strong passwords using Password strength meter.
  • Receive email notifications(admins ) on profile field updates.
  • Integrates beautifully with your bbPress.
  • Automatic Gravatars support, or users can upload custom profile pictures!.
  • User-uploaded avatars work everywhere (BuddyPress, bbPress, theme comments, etc.).
  • An easy-to-use API, hooks and filters everywhere to help you integrate with any system and modify it to your needs!.
  • Content Restriction Included!.
  • Lock entire site for logged out users.
  • Lock homepage for logged out users.
  • Lock homepage for logged-in members.
  • Restrict full page/post per user roles.
  • Restrict full page/post for Verified Accounts
  • Users can set their password during registration.
  • Users can register with e-mail address.
  • Users may login with username or e-mail.
  • Frontend password reset and password change. A unique front-end password reset tool!
  • Users will never see your website’s back-end.
  • Users receive a verification email and they can reset account password by clicking on the link.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after login.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after registration.
  • Refresh the same page after login/registration.
  • Manually Approve New Users, Require e-mail validation, or Auto-Approve new signups!.
  • Administration panel to approve/reject registrations and verify users.
  • Customizable Front-end Registration/Login.
  • Customizable Front-end User Profiles.
  • Unlimited custom fields plus many pre-defined fields.
  • Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins.
  • Automatic Video Embeds by video URL only (No embed code required).
  • Create Date Picker fields.
  • Create unlimited file & photo upload fields.
  • Create unlimited HTML fields (Video embeds, Google maps, any other HTML).
  • Create required fields (User must fill)..
  • Create locked or private fields.
  • Create hidden fields (visible to admin and profile owner only).
  • Automatic Phone Number Validation.
  • Automatic Form Field Length Validation.
  • Allow user to hide fields from public view.
  • Set specific custom fields to be accessible by specific user roles.
  • Replaces the default WordPress e-mail notifications.
  • Customize the name and e-mail that appear on outgoing e-mails.
  • Custom Welcome e-mail (New Registration).
  • Custom Reset Password e-mail notification.
  • Custom e-mail notification to invite users to Get Verified!.
  • Custom e-mail notifications sent to user.
  • Custom e-mail notifications sent to admin

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