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Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme - 360-Studios

Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme

 Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme


Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme is totally Responsive Prestashop Template with a clean and neat design. Especially with Material Design, Leo Sport Store has cleaner interface, it also built with the modern e-commerce tendencies and best SEO practices in mind.

Clean and smart layout for any kind of shop with powerful back-office. This template is fully functioned and provides an unlimited style variation. It is a great choice for equipment shop, sports store and multistore. The prestashop theme is powered with Leo Framework, one of the best Prestatshop framework. It is fully responsive and supports both CSS3 and HTML5 that help to create refined web pages with semantic accuracy.

The highlight in the homepage is the slideshow, It is full for window, and auto play with large images, title, description, thumbnail images. Addition, in the homepage show tabs category featured, had selected by your self. Swipe, Animations can be display perfectly in all devices in order to give the whole theme a smooth sense. In addition, Drag and Drop effect in configure help your store become more professional and wonderful. Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme comes with lots of built-in functionality which includes powerful admin panel. The powerful admin panel will help you manage your site better, customize easier.

Template Features
  • This Template compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x
  • This Template is designed for desktop, all tablet and mobile devices
  • Colours Themes support 3 shops
  • Template support for Jquery Effects, css 3. Multiples modules suffix’s build-in template for module styling.
  • Impressive built-in content style.
  • Supports multiple layout options, configured within from back-office.
  • Easy to add custom html module, special, new, home feature via Leo Manage Widget Module
  • Easy change color, template width via the Leo Theme Control Panel Module.
  • Support for native language file translation.
  • We translate template to 10 languages.
  • Fully compatible IE8+, Firefox 2+, Firefox 3, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome.
  • Video Leo Framework
  • Leo Sport Store Prestashop Theme guide for PrestaShop 1.6
Change log:


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