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Mini Composer: High-Performance Wordpress Page Builder Plugin - 360-Studios

Mini Composer: High-Performance Wordpress Page Builder Plugin

 Mini Composer: High-Performance Wordpress Page Builder Plugin

Current Version 1.1.6
If you are in lower version, please update via wp-admin > updates

About this plugin

MiniComposer is the first-ever BACK-END Page Builder for Wordpress coming with top-notch features, which you have never experienced before. It enables you to create unlimited page layouts with text, image, button, etc. in 0-second constant time delay.

You might find it hard to believe that there exists such a powerful plugin that can handle numerous tasks perfectly without any delay – even on content-heavy websites or with humble Internet connection, while delighting you with an intuitive and super easy-to-use interface at the same time. But here the magic is true.

NO Ajax, NO jQuery UI in BackEnd – MiniComposer is based on 100% tailored yet world-class code. This sophisticated workload explains the mighty loading speed. It is fully compatible with 36 default elements as well. Additionally, you are equipped with various tools such as profile, section, row, column and element to fulfill your layouts. Last but not least, this plugin empowers you to create page effortless with carefully selected features such as drag-n-drop operation, element editing with one click, instant saving without reloading the browser, publishing and un-publishing possibility to a name but a few. MiniComposer assures that you will be surprise with a bunch of distinctive features which you haven’t seen anywhere else.

This rock star is suitable for both End Users and Developers. So look no further, let MiniComposer elevate your page creating and editing to a whole new level immediately!

>> Try the Demo.MiniComposer.ComMini Composer Features
  • Native Drag and Drop builder for Ultra-High performance
  • No Ajax in actions, save hours waitting
  • Ctrl+S quick mode saving without reload
  • Instant Editing can change content, image, maps in preview
  • Over 36 default elements & widgets all you need to build any layout
  • Fully support copy, cut, double, paste elements
  • Compatible all default WP Widgets and 3rd party plugin widgets
  • Shortcode Filter load css, js only when needed
  • Sections Manager create sections and manage by profiles
  • Advanced Mini Box transform code to visually and opposite
  • Unlimited Containers row in row, tab in tab, column in column…etc…
  • Extendable easily customisable by adding your own shortcodes
  • Templates customizable every elements with template system
  • Content Type you can enable MiniComposer for post, custom post-type
  • Background Parallax create row full-width, full-height with image parallax
  • Background Video auto play video as background
  • CSS Box Add custom css for rows, elements
  • Over 20+ useful param types for any purpose
  • Locate profile export what you did and locate for installing in another place
  • Download / Upload Profiles download, upload, storage profiles.
  • Theme Intergration easily integrate to any theme
  • Mini Row
  • Mini Box
  • Mini Tabs
  • Mini Accordion
  • Mini Icons
  • Mini Text Block
  • Mini Gallery
  • Mini Sliders
  • Mini carousel for post and images
  • Mini Maps
  • Mini Sliders
  • Mini Flip Box
  • Mini Piechart
  • Mini Progress Bar
  • Mini Sliders
  • Mini Buttons
  • Mini Player
  • Mini Counter
  • Mini Socials
Updates & Changelog ( please update newest version via wp-admin > updates )version 1.1.6 - Fix css from general settings does not work- Fix PHP fatal error when active plugin- Fix maps of some elementsversion 1.1.5 - Add responsive options for all mini_columns and mini_column_inner- Customizable screen size for responsive and apply for all columns of row- Fix filter for shortcodes multiple level- Remove google maps API, use iframe instead ( load faster )- Update the description of elements- Improve tabs, accordion for backend & front-end- Fix relation fields in group type- Fix number_slider field in group type- Add option -range- for field number_slider- Add equal height option for columns- Fix field textarea when using more than one in a elementversion 1.1.4 - Improve scrolling in popup, smarter and more comfort- Improve max-height of popup for large screenversion 1.1.3 - Fix param value escape for 3rd-party- Add new method for creating group params via maps- Improve popup scrollingversion 1.1.2 - Fix remove image for field attach_image- Fix element mini_icon- Fix max-width single image on FireFoxversion 1.1.1 - Fix unescape param attribute values- Fix PHP notice session_status()- Fix google map in back-end- Fix admin_label of some element in back-endversion 1.1.0 - Fix and improved performance of tabs & accordion in backend.- Fix background-size of css box- Improved select sizes of image- Improved performanceversion 1.0.9 - Test & correct CHmode for all files- Fix insert media for text block in text modeversion 1.0.8 - Fix map for elements- Fix closing popup edit when enter in textarea or ricktext- Fix bug multiple level of containers shortcodeversion 1.0.7 - More stable media for text block- Fix progress bar animate- Fix text block element for 3rd pathsversion 1.0.6 - Fix out put of single image, piechart in front end- Fix enter bug when back to classic modeversion 1.0.5 - Add shortcode_filter method for all shortcodes, can add_filter for every shortcodes in every where- Improve builder style in backendversion 1.0.4 - Fix bugs of Mini-Box element- When editing, hit Enter to save and ESC to cancelversion 1.0.3- Removed jQuery UI in front-end and use our script instead for tabs and accordion- Fix extra class for elements- Improved output of elements in Front-Endversion 1.0.1- Add new paste method in bottom- Fix some bugs in Front-End
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