PHP Encoder & Decoder With Domain Lock

 PHP Encoder & Decoder With Domain Lock

See the Documentation OnlinePHP Encoder With Domain Lock Online DocumentationWhat they say?

About PHP Encoder & Decoder With Domain LockThis software is so handy when it comes to copyright and software licensing protection.
With this software you simply can Encode your PHP file(s) in a matter of minute and NO more being concerned about your works getting stolen or someone to resell your original work.
So What is So Special About This Tool?Let’s say you developed a website that user paid for a singlelicense of this project. Obviously you wouldn’t be happy if the user sell your original work to someone else or use it in several domain names. With this software, you simply can Encode your PHP files (This will make the script un-editable) and at the same time lock the entire script on a single or multiple domain name(s). In this case this user will not be able to upload your work on another domain name that you haven’t specified and the user won’t be able to resell your item. The coolest option, is that you can specify a custom message and when the user move your script to elsewhere, (Another Domain Name) it will popup on all the pages of that website/domain! Isn’t that just so cool?Well That’s Not AllWell, well! Another fantastic feature is that, it will turn you into a NINJA! You can specify an expiry date for your PHP file(s)! Lets say you developed a script that you provide it to your users with monthly or annually installation and they have to pay on a recurring payment. How can you get that done? Well, this option is made to make your life easier by simply adding an expiry date that make you able to automatically turn off the entire script on a specific date! That’s about to get messy!Features

  • Encode your PHP file(s)
  • Decode your PHP files(s)
  • Lock the entire PHP files on one or more domain names
  • Add expiry date on your PHP file(s) – NEW!!!
  • Specify a custom message that will popup when a user upload these files elsewhere
  • Customize the CSS for how the warning copyright message appears on the web! (New)
  • New Feature Added. Now you can add an expiry date on your PHP file(s) (09/10/2015)
  • New Feature Added. Now you can customize the CSS (09/03/2015)
  • Reported Bug fixed in Decoding Tool (09/02/2015)
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