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Remark - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template - 360-Studios

Remark - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

 Remark - Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


Remark is a premium admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap. There are a huge of powerful components build with Less css which makes it easy to modify.

It’s the latest collection in our highly reliable libraries, its componets cover the best practices on web and mobile. It can be easily integrated into your projects, allowing you to create solutions for your future designs quickly.

Features List
  • Responsive layout (Desktops, Tablets and mobile devices)
  • Built with Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Flat UI with Clean Style
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Bootstrap Like Data API
  • Implemented in Modular LESS Files (compiled CSS included)
  • Extend Utilities Class
  • Angular UI Support
  • Grunt Tasks and Gulp tasks
  • Bower Dependency Management
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Code optimize with tools (htmlhint, jshint, lesshint, csslint, bootlint)
Full List
  • 1000+ UI Component
  • 100+ Widgets
  • Psd file includes
  • Foldable Navigation with Infinite Levels
  • Horizontal Mega Menu
  • Multiple Layout
  • Quick Chat Panel
  • Touchable Slide Panel
  • Language Selector
  • Style of Site Guide
  • Loading Style (animsition.js)
  • Useful Forms Plugins Support
    • Form Vaidate
    • jQuery Wizard
    • jQuery Formatter
    • Image cropping
    • jQuery Fileupload
    • Select2
    • Bootstrap Select
    • Bootstrap Tokenfield
    • Bootstrap Tags Input
    • multiselect.js
    • typehead
    • Boostrap Maxlength
    • iCheck
    • switchery
    • clockpicker
    • jQuery timepicker
    • bootstrap-datepicker
    • datepair.js
    • jquery knob
    • jquery strength
    • card
    • labelauty
    • xeditable
    • Dropify
    • summernote
    • markdown editor
    • ace editor
  • 10 Chart Plugin Support
    • Chartist.js
    • C3
    • Chartks
    • Morris
    • Flot
    • Sparkline
    • Rickshaw
    • Peity
    • Gauges
    • Pie Progress
  • 7 Table Plugin
    • Bootstrap Table
    • Tablesaw
    • DataTables
    • editableTableWidget
    • floatThead
    • jsGrid
    • FooTable
  • Pages
    • Error pages(400, 401, 403, 404, 500 and 503)
    • Register
    • Login
    • Lockscreen
    • Maintenance
    • Forgot Password
    • FAQ
    • Email
    • Google Map
    • Vector Map
    • Invoice
    • People Profile
    • Search Result
    • User List
    • Code Editor
    • Gallery
    • Sitemap
  • Calendar App
  • Contacts App
  • Mailbox App
  • Taskboard App
  • Media App
  • Documents App
  • Forum App
  • Projects App
  • Notebook app
  • Messages app
  • Work app
  • Location app
Frontend Pages

You can email us to get the frontend pages.

We are listen to you

We are open to any suggestions regarding Remark Admin Template. If you have any idea, request, features just let us know. We will add it. Thanks.

UpdatesVersion 2.1.0 – 18th December 2015### Added- Topicon layout- Classic style for Center layout- Material style Mmenu, Topbar, Iconbar and Base layouts- Ecommerce dashboard- Analytics dashboard- Team dashboard- Work app- Location app- Sitemap page### Changed- Rewrite Contacts and Taskboard app with js mvc structure### Fixed- iconbar layout touch screen not working issue- base layout touch screen not working issue- slider range not working on mobile issue- page aside fixed issue- datepicker dropdown arrow issue- checkbox-custom and raido-custom in form horizontal layout issue- and others### Updated- bootstrap to 3.3.6- alertify-js to 1.0.8- animsition to 4.0.1- blueimp-canvas-to-blob to 2.2.4- blueimp-file-upload to 9.11.2- blueimp-tmpl to 2.5.7- bootstrap-hover-dropdown to 2.2.1- card to 1.2.0- cropper to 2.2.1- datatables to 1.10.10- datepair-js to 0.4.14- fullcalendar to 2.5.0- jt-timepicker to 1.8.8- media-match to 0.1.0- oclazyload to 1.0.9- plyr to 1.3.7- screenfull to 3.0.0- select2 to 4.0.1- slick-carousel to 1.5.9- to-markdown to 1.3.0- webui-popover to 1.2.3- ashoverscroll to 0.2.3- asrange to 0.2.6Version 2.0.0 – 3rd November 2015### Added- Material style- Mmenu layout- Topbar layout- Iconbar layout- Message app- Notebook app- Page aside fixed example- Autosize plugin### Updated- ace to 1.2.2- alertify-js to 1.0.5- blueimp-file-upload to 9.10.7- bootstrap-contextmenu to 0.3.3- bootstrap-datepicker to 1.5.0- bootstrap-table to 1.9.1- bootstrap-treeview to 1.2.0- card to 1.1.0- chart-js to 1.0.2- datatables-fixedheader to 3.0.0- datepair-js to 0.4.12- filament-tablesaw to 2.0.1- fullcalendar to 2.4.0- highlight.js to 8.9.1- jquery to 2.1.4- jt-timepicker to 1.8.4- jvectormap to 2.0.4- marked to 0.3.4- masonry to 3.3.2- modernizr to 3.2.0- multi-select to 0.9.12- nestable to 1.2.3- owl-carousel to 2.0.0-beta.3- slick-carousel to 1.5.8- switchery to 0.8.1- toastr to 2.1.2- webui-popover to 1.1.7- brand-icons to 0.3.3- web-icons to 0.2.3- aspieprogress to 0.3.4- asscrollable to 0.3.1Version 1.1.2 – 17TH October 2015### Fixed- Responsive table init file missing issue- Gulp dist html issueVersion 1.1.1 – 15TH October 2015### Fixed- Alertify.js not working issue- Taskboard slidepanel not working issueVersion 1.1.0 – 13TH October 2015### Added- Handlebars templates support- Gulp support- Taskboard app- jsGrid plugin- Layout grid- Dropify plugin- Menubar fold alt skin- Octicons icon package### Improved- Better menubar item structure (remove unnecessary icon html)- .site-menubar-keep instead of data-auto-menubar="false" ### Fixed- Menubar click not working on touch device issue- Fanel fullscreen scrolling issue- file upload input group text issue- fix material fields highlight color in skin### Updated- Alertify.js to 1.0.3- angluar to 1.4.7- angular-animate to 1.4.7- angular-sanitize to 1.4.7- angular-ui-bootstrap to 0.14.1- angular-ui-grid to 3.0.7- animsition to 4.0.0- bootstrap-datepicker to 1.4.1- bootstrap-maxlength to 1.7.0- bootstrap-table to 1.9.0- chartist-plugin-tooltip to 0.0.12- cropper to 1.0.0- datatables to 1.10.10- datepair-js to 0.4.11- filament-tablesaw to 2.0.1- gmap to 0.4.21- highlight.js to 8.8.0- jt-timepicker to 1.8.2- modernizr to 3.1.0- oclazyload to 1.0.6- plyr to 1.3.6- slidepanel to 0.2.2Version 1.0.7 – 1TH September 2015### Improved- Make light menubar hover color using primary color in skins- Make form focus color using primary color in skins- Site Action Button plugin for better using floating buttons- Add vars-customs.less file for writing custom less variables### Fixed- Site Menu click stop progagation issue- Btn icon padding issue- Floating labels input issue in firefox & ie- login v3 responsive issue### Updated- angular-ui-grid to v3.0.5- animsition to v3.6.0- cropper to v0.11.1- gmaps to v0.4.19- plyr to v1.3.5Version 1.0.6 – 12TH August 2015### Added- Login page v3- Register page v3### Improved- Make gridmenu scrollable- Make navbar search button more clickable in xs resolution- Make dashboard more interactive### Changed- Move inline styles & scripts into standalone file- Move gridmenu seciton script from site.js to standalone file### Updated- Angular ui grid to v3.0.3- cropper to v0.11.0- jvectormap to v2.0.4- plyr to v1.3.3- toastr to v2.1.1### Fixed- Site footer overlap issue on two column layout page- Submenu hover background color issue in light menubar version- Html overflow issue when slidePanel openedVersion 1.0.5 – 3TH August 2015### Improved- Material form webkit autofill### Changed- '.before-run' class change to '.css-menubar'- '.after-run' class change to '.js-menubar'### Updated- Angular ui bootstrap to v0.13.2### Fixed- Menu collapsed page twinkle issueVersion 1.0.4 – 2TH August 2015### Added- Login page v2- Register page v2### Improved- Documentation- Label editable for Contacts app, Mailbox app, Calendar app- Event edit for Contact app- Selectable component- Datatable add row example- Chartist tooltip for dashboard### Updated- oclazyload to v1.0.4### Fixed- Skins override issues- Animsition loader issueVersion 1.0.3 – 29TH July 2015### Added- Skins: brown, cyan, green, grey, indigo, orange, pink, purple, red, teal, yellow- Gallery Page (with isotope)### Improved- Dashboard pages- Angular Ui### Updated- angular-bootstrap to v0.13.1- blueimp-canvas-to-blob to v2.2.0- blueimp-file-upload to v9.10.5- blueimp-load-image to v1.13.1- blueimp-tmpl to v2.5.5- bootstrap-datepicker- datepair-js to v0.4.9- highlight.js to v8.6.0- marked to v0.3.4- oclazyload to v1.0.3- plyr to v1.2.6- slick-carousel to v1.5.8### Fixed- Wizard pager issueVersion 1.0.2 – 28TH July 2015### Added- Panel Transition- Transitions for Contact App, Mailbox App, Media App, Projects App- Animation for Tabs- Item edit for Contact App- Table Section- Table Selectable- Dark style for Alert- Social alert styles- Reply box for Sidebar Chat### Improved- Calendar App### Fixed- Checkbox click issue on Media App- Sub-menu item cutoff in collapsed menu mode- Google Map page script missing issue- Donut chart label position issue- Wizard pager not working issueVersion 1.0.1 – 24TH July 2015### Added- fooTable plugin- NProgress.js pluginVersion 1.0.0 – 23TH July 2015- Initial release

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