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Restaurant Ionic - Full Application - 360-Studios

Restaurant Ionic - Full Application

 Restaurant Ionic - Full Application

Restaurant Ionic is an application that suits any restaurant’s needs to display its menu and receive orders from customers. The app provides an easy user interface helping customers to navigate through menu categories, place orders and proceed with the checkout. The restaurant ionic app comes with a pack of useful features such as favorites, special offers and customized orders.

Feature requestHelp us improve this app in a way that absolutely makes sense. Suggest the next feature you would like to see implemented. We are taking suggestions very seriously.DemoAndroid .APK
  • Android APK v1.0
Preview on iOS and Android – Ionic View
  • Download the Ionic View app (http://view.ionic.io)
  • Use the App ID AB64F538
Note: Some features are not fully functional for preview on Ionic View. Especially, those that need to launch another application of the device such as “Find us” which launches device’s Google Maps application.Features1. Home Screen Restaurant Ionic home screen displays menu categories, location map and restaurant’s open hours, all available within a single tap. Home screen slideshow can promote numerous products and special offers according to restaurant’s needs.2. Menu Presentation and product customizationMenu categories are displayed in card form with a title and a thumbnail. Menu items can be organised into categories with a title, a thumbnail and a price.Product screen provides additional information including:
  • Price
  • Description
  • A slideshow of images
  • A “favorite button”
  • An “Add to Cart” button.
Products can be displayed with basic and extra options to enable users choosing according to their preference.3. Shopping CartRestaurant Ionic comes with a fully functional shopping cart. User can fully customize his order and:
  • Add or remove ingredients
  • Select extra options
  • Select product size / price option
  • Choose quantity before they add an item in their cart.
An aggregated list of orderded items is detailed presented accompanied with sub-total and total prices. Quantity change and item removal from the cart is an option too.4. Delivery Methods Two delivery methods are available:
  • Home delivery: User is able to place their personal detailsand submit his order to the restaurant’s email address.
  • Take away: A pin on the map shows the exact location of the restaurant along with the restaurant address. Also, a confirmation button sends the order details to the user’s email address.
5. Favorite ProductsUsers can create a favorite product list. From the Favorites Screen users can have quick access to their product list or share it by sending an email.6. Restaurant InformationThe contact screen displays restaurant information. It also enables users to interact with app making one tap phone call, get direction or connect with social networks.

One tap actions:
  • Call us: It will make the device to start a call to the phone number you have defined
  • Send us an Email: Mailer will open with your business’s email already set so as the user won’t need to type it
  • Map / Get directions: The map application which is already installed on the device will be launched to show your exact location on the map and the User will be able to get directions to reach your business.(Note: You can set more than one locations in the configuration file)
  • Visit us on Facebook: Users will be able to see business’s social profile with just one click
6.1 Open hoursLet users know if the restaurant is open at the particular time they open the application. The app gets the current time from the device, takes into account the time zone of the business and the device and displays a friendly message to the users. A list of the open hours is also displayed in the “Contact Us” screen.6.2 Social networksRestaurant Ionic app provides four buttons for the most popular social networks; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so clients will be able to see your social profile with just one click.7. Remote dataThe Menu Categories and News listing windows are fetching data from online sources by using the JSON protocol. The source URLs for these listings are set in the application’s configuration file. Images, Galleries, texts and whole entries can be updated by adjusting the remote sources. Nevertheless, rebuilding and re-distributing the application are not required for constant updates.

The same applies for the pins in the live map too. In order to add and configure the pin points you just need to adjust the remote source.7.1 Wordpress / Drupal or JSON NewsDisplay news and announcements about your restaurant by using a remote JSON structure or your already existing Wordpress and/or Drupal site. Everything you need for that is already built and no additional code is required.8. Push notificationA full working Push notification example is integrated into the application. It comes also with detailed instructions on how to configure everything in your end and have your application ready to send and receive Push Notifications.9. Easy Configuration / Modular Architecture Menu categories and items can be adjusted by just updating their JSON files. They only need to be placed in the related folder and everything else is set up and ready to be used.

Besides, Restaurant Ionic’s modular architecture is going to eliminate any unnecessary complexity for the configuration of the rest features too. Its code is clean and well-organised into modules to make configuration even easier.

You could review this super-modular architecture by checking our SuperModular Ionic starter, which is provided for free. https://github.com/skounis/supermodular10. Yeoman Ionic Framework Generator poweredYeoman Ionic Framework Generator combines the best practices and features for scaffolding a hybrid application. It makes building of a mobile app easy and quick since Yeoman is integrated with Ionic Framework and Cordova plugin. Also, the included Grunt build system optimizes and automates some important tasks of your workflow.11. Ionic design Restaurant Ionic is based on the UI elements that the Ionic Framework provides. Ionic Framework comes with a detailed and impressive CSS framework for layout styling. Furthermore, it handles header elements in a very similar way to existing libraries you may have used. Headers are available in many different default color options. Adding a footer element is as easy as adding a header. Moreover, Ionic comes with its own built in icon library which contains almost everything you should need. Use Ionic’s UI components and they will give you a fully customised and functional UI.

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