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Shopsters - Multiconcept E-commerce PSD Template - 360-Studios

Shopsters - Multiconcept E-commerce PSD Template

 Shopsters - Multiconcept E-commerce PSD Template

Shopsters – Multiconcept E-commerce PSD Template

Shopsters is creative e-commerce PSD template offering nine different shop concepts:

  • Fashion compact 01
    Unique concept for fashion shopfeaturing fresh header option & creative slider typography. Perfectfor fashion shop!
  • Fashion compact 02Centered logo and menu is a mostpopular option among greatest real shop designs, spiced with beautifulproduct listing design.
  • Fashion parallax
    This layout features full screen productbackground with powerful typographyideal for minimal, elegant fashionshop.
  • Minimal tiles
    If you’re looking for super clean and minimal shop design, this layout is a perfect choice!
  • Only for gentleman
    Shop layout suited just for gentlemanshops. Colors, contrasts, product listinglayout, all is suited for this type of shop!
  • Shabby chic
    Really simpatique shabby chic layout suited for shabby chic furniture and home accessories shop!
  • Elegant bagsA perfect layout for showcasing all leather products: bags, belts, wallets,...Featuring simple minimal design with full size slider and product carousel.
  • Bridal shop
    Clean, light and elegant layout with adjustedtypography perfect for bridal dresses and wedding accessories shop.
  • Sunglasses
    Fullscreen layout showcasing one product at the time. Featuring model wearing sunglasses on the left and product on the right. Make your product stand out!
47 Files included
  • 01_Home_fashion01
  • 02_Home_fashion02
  • 03_Fashion_parallax
  • 04_Fashion_minimal_tiles
  • 05_Gentleman_shop
  • 06_Shabby_chic_furniture
  • 07_Bags_collection
  • 08_Bridal
  • 09_Sunglasses
  • 10_Fashion_shop_grid
  • 11_Fashion_shop_sidebar_left
  • 12_Fashion_shop_sidebar_right
  • 13_Fashion_shop_list_sidebar_left
  • 14_Fashion_shop_list_sidebar_right
  • 15_Fashion02_shop_grid
  • 16_Fashion02_shop_sidebar_left
  • 17_Fashion02_shop_sidebar_right
  • 18_Fashion02_shop_list_sidebar_left
  • 19_Fashion02_shop_list_sidebar_right
  • 20_Bridal_shop_collections
  • 21_Bridal_shop_grid
  • 22_Bags_grid
  • 23_Bags_grid_header_light
  • 24_Bags_sidebar_left
  • 25_Bags_list_sidebar_left
  • 26_Bags_sidebar_right
  • 27_bags_list_sidebar_right
  • 28_Sunglasses_grid
  • 29_Sunglasses_sidebar_left
  • 30_Sunglasses_sidebar_right
  • 31_Sunglasses_list_sidebar_left
  • 32_Sunglasses_list_sidebar_right
  • 33_Single_item_description
  • 34_Single_item_reviews
  • 35_Single_item_sale
  • 36_Single_item_variable
  • 37_Single_item_grouped
  • 38_Single_item_affiliate
  • 39_Single_item_out_of_stock
  • 40_Shop_cart
  • 41_Shop_checkout
  • 42_Blog_grid
  • 43_Blog_single
  • 44_FAQ
  • 45_Contact
  • 46_Dropdowns
  • 47_Pop-ups

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Resources used

Images used in this template were bought on fotolia and 123rf and are not included in download files. If you’d like to use the same images, please post a topic on our support forum and indicate in which image you are interested in and we’ll send you the links where you can buy them.

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