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Trafix - Traffic Exchange System - 360-Studios

Trafix - Traffic Exchange System

 Trafix - Traffic Exchange System

Visit http://trafix.ga or disable the Envato demo bar for better demo. (Demo resets every day)
admin@trafix.ga – demo123 (admin)
demo1@trafix.ga – demo123 (premium user)
demo2@trafix.ga – demo123
demo3@trafix.ga – demo123



- Traffic Exchange
Users can signup and browse the websites of other people to earn points.They can add their own to get free views. All automatic.

- Referral system
Users can refer other people using links and banners.They will earn a commission of the points the referrals earn and will also make percentages of the upgrades the users buy.

- 3 different point methods
Your users earn:
1) Minutes, by viewing websites.
2) Money, by viewing websites & referral upgrades.
3) Points as a bonus (see below)

- Reporting & Abuse prevention methods
You can ban domains and email providers to eliminate abuse. The system also checks every submitted website for frame breaks to make sure the autosurfer. But even if you miss a website, you can ban users/websites with a single click.
Database of disposable emails included.

- Bonus points
You can assign bonus points to your users when they post on blogs, forums or create youtube videos (Anything you like).
Points can be spent to get minutes or premium time.
There also is a daily bonus that can be set up. (Example: 100 websites viewed – 50 points)

- Coupons
Create coupons to give away free minutes as a promotion.

- Premium membership
Create premium packages integrated with PayPal. Premium members can earn more minutes and higher commissions from referrals.

- Well documented
Start your own traffic exchange website within minutes. We have documented everything in an easy to understand fashion.

- Disclaimer
Removing the footer link will void support for this item. If you want to remove the footer “Powered by” link, please purchase an Extended license or get in touch with us.

- Updates
There are a lot of updates planned! Our goal is to add or improve features at least once a month.

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