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Workflow - Project Management System - 360-Studios

Workflow - Project Management System

 Workflow - Project Management System

Workflow Workflow is high performance project management system built using PHP & MySQL. By using Workflow you can manage your own project, or even a team one. Workflow helps you can set your work performance to a new level. User Features

  • Customizable homepage – You can customize homepage of Workflow by adding or removing widgets, you can select what you want to see.
  • Issues system – Each issue has its own dedicated page, where users can comment, watch and update current issue.
  • Performance – Workflow has been designed to be fast, but it still has all features needed in project management system.
  • User groups – You are able to set different groups to the users, such as Designer, Developer and set different tasks for different groups.
  • User registration – You can set user registration to public, so any visitor will be able to create his own account.
  • Modern design - Workflow is based on Bootstrap themes by Bootswatch, and it provides simple intuitive user interface.
  • Extendable – Are you missing specific feature in Workflow ? If the answer is yes, with a basic PHP knowledge you are able to create plugin that solves your problem.
Admin Features
  • Overview – Simple statistics of your webiste, where you can see number of users, issues, comments and so on.
  • Configuration – Here you can set site name, description, parser syntax or configure SMTP.
  • Plugin list – You can manage each plugin your site contains.
  • User list – Manage all users of your website with a few clicks. You can change their password, username, or set a specific color to them.
  • Group list – Manage all groups that you set. You can add users to specific group, set group color.

Changelog 1.0.2 – 3.02.2016
  • Framework updated
  • Added option to browse deleted users
  • Minor code optimalizations
  • Added “send notifications” checkbox on comments.
  • Template filter changes.
  • Size of task description increased.
  • Added tags sorting.
  • Important fix in PHP (admin wasn’t able to add widgets).
  • A lot of minor fixes (css, php).

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